Burnout & Breakup Coach

Kate Schermbrucker

stress | burnout | breakup | divorce

Helping you thrive, not just survive.


My name is Kate and I'm a British coach. I coach men and women to cope better with stress, burnout, breakup or divorce. I help my clients grab control of their situation and get back in the driving seat of their life.

Kate Schermbrucker Burnout, Breakup, Divorce Coach

How I help:

My one-to-one, powerful coaching is about creating the right conditions for you to flourish. Whether you are experiencing burnout, breakup, divorce, stress or overwhelm, through your work with me I will get you to a place of:

After your coaching sessions with me you will have the ability to work through tough times to remain positive, healthy, balanced and resilient.

achieve extraordinary results in your life.

A helping hand.

Trusted by:

Kate makes you feel heard and understood. She has amazing skills and life experience. I can only recommend her as a coach. She is real and authentic. - Viktor from London

Kate skilfully helped me to identify the underlying issues that were blocking me from taking action and creating the outcomes I wanted. I've found each session to be incredibly impactful and would recommend her to others. - Katherine from Brentwood

After having a different coach and not loving it, a colleague suggested I try Kate. She was great in helping me work through my wants for the future and really helped me scope out what it is I want and need, and what is holding me back from going out and making it happen. I'd recommend Kate! - Client from Lintbells Ltd